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buy-it baemek office real estate brokerage and marketing

Specializing in residential real estate, business and commerce, we dominate the Kiryat Tivon, Ramat Yishai and the yezrael Valley communities including the Village Joshua, Aloni-aba, Yokneam colony, Bethlehem of Galilee,kibuts sarid,kibuts gevat,tel-adashim,shimshit, Givat Ela, Timrat, and more ...

Years of experience in our office and we provide full service for our clients and consulting linked multidisciplinary and comprehensive to the purchase or sale.our  Motto is first of all honesty and trustworthiness and professionalism. We want to create and execute marketing activities, brokerage and real estate development in Israel, while setting new standards of professionalism, service and personal attention to the customer. Using these standards, we hope to take part in improving the brokerage industry over Israel, its image and the percentage of consumers who use it.

Our offices employed consultants real estate professional licensed by the Ministry of Justice which work by all the rules of professional ethics, integrity, fairness and full transparency, with good customer at heart, all in a family atmosphere, calm and pleasant, and personal care and dedicated starting from the initial contact with us .

The firm provides additional services such as: Property valuation. Legal services. Taxation. Interior design and space planning of the house .. The firm also specializes in negotiating and closing deals with anything related to the sale of properties across the yezrael Valley. Many connections we created over the years with architects, interior designers, lawyers, bankers, appraisers and other real estate offices, allow us to give you, our customers, the added value that helps to lead you all through the transaction to close it.

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